Denver is where your family activities are at

If you are trying to visit or live in one of the most awesome cities in the country, you will find what you’re seeking in Denver, CO… Denver is considered a relatively liberal city, and it has a sense of adventure and laws to accommodate that enjoyable vibe! For example, it is legal to use marijuana in Denver, so those puritanical laws that somehow allow immense pharma, however reject natural plants, are nowhere to be found in the awesome city of Denver.

The gorgeous scenery throughout Denver can be enjoyed anytime of the season. If you haven’t seen a sunrise in Denver, you haven’t seen a sunrise… Whether you choose to check it out over a bowl of wheaties or a bowl of cannabis, it will not let you down. Since recreational marijuana is legal, there are a good amount of options available to you; alcohol is no longer your only adult option at diners or out in the open. But cannabis is not the only beautiful thing. There are a million family-friendly activities in the Denver area, as well. You can bring the kids to the botanic gardens, the Denver Zoo, or maybe the Denver Museum of Nature and Science… Little ones appreciate the aroma of the flowers at the gardens – after all, they are toddler height, and surely no animal lover can stay away from the charms of the Denver Zoo. Whether you are a major fan of wonderful immense animals or appealing birds, the zoo has something for you. You can observe elephants rolling around in the water, birds in flight, or imagine the fear in other animals’ hearts when the lion gives a huge roar. The next neighbor to the zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, a whole new adventure awaits your babies.



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