If you want family activities and excitement, Denver is where it’s at

If you wish to visit or live in a single one of the most exhilarating cities in the world, you need look no farther than Denver, Colorado.

Denver is considered a fairly liberal city, and it has a sense of adventure and laws to allow for that vibe.

For example, it is actually legal to use marijuana in Denver, so those puritanical laws that somehow allow big pharma but reject natural plants, are not there in lovely Denver. The gorgeous scenery throughout Denver can be appreciated no matter the time of year or even time of the actual day. If you haven’t seen a sunrise in Denver, you don’t know what a beautiful sunrise looks like… Whether you choose to admire it over a bowl of cereal or a bowl of weed, it will not let you down in the least. Because recreational marijuana is legal, there are numerous options available to you; alcohol is no longer your only adult option at restaurants or out in the open. But it is not only about cannabis. There are a fairly good amount of family-friendly activities in the Denver area, as well. You can bring the youngsters to the botanic gardens, the Denver Zoo, or also the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Those young ones will appreciate the smell of the flowers at the gardens – after all, they are toddler height. Surely no animal lover can resist the charms of the Denver Zoo. Whether you are a pressing fan of wonderful big animals or beautiful birds, the zoo definitely has something for you. You can watch elephants roll around in the water, see the birds in flight, or imagine the overwhelming fear in other animals’ hearts when the lion roars. The next door neighbor to the zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, another adventure that awaits your boys.


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