An amazing nightlife in Tampa

Before I moved to Florida I had never seen a pro wrestling show in person.

I had watched the WWE on the television from time to time, and remember watching the NWA with my dad when I was a kid.

It was never something I really thought about, until my neighbor dragged me to see an indie wrestling show being held at a local bar. They had a wrestling ring set up in the bar itself, and people battled all night long while we drank. It was pretty awesome, and it turns out in Tampa, FL it is pretty easy to find these kinds of indie shows. It really opened my eyes to how much diversity there is here in the Tampa Bay area, because pro wrestling is just one facet of the nightlife I am discovering. Tampa also has a killer music scene, with great music in a bunch of different venues every night of the week. As an HVAC tech I have early hours and long days, so I don’t make it out much during the week. These days, every friday and saturday night I search the online postings for news about the next Tampa area wrestling show. Once I went to a show, and saw one of the headlining wrestlers messing with his travel bus in the parking lot, because the A/C was broken. If you have never been to Tampa before, then you might now know this is a place where air conditioning is a requirement, not a luxury. I fixed his AC for him, and got free tickets to the Tampa nightclub!

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