Finding real estate affordable in San Francisco is a nightmare

While we were getting settled, my wife and I visited a cannabis shop in the neighborhood

When I found out that my wife was offered a job at the San Francisco zoo, I immediately started looking at real estate. I knew it was going to cost a fortune to buy a house close to the San Francisco zoo, but I didn’t want my wife to have a long commute. It’s a good thing that she had to give her current job a full month’s notice, because it took a long time to find the right place. We didn’t end up finding anything to buy, but we found a couple of rental homes close to the zoo. One of those places was the perfect four bedroom and three bathroom home for our family of five. The place has a big backyard and plenty of room to get a dog. My wife was so excited about her job at the San Francisco job. She dreamed of working with the animals since she was a little girl. She even attended UC San Francisco and worked on her master’s degree while helping out at the botanical gardens. She started the job a couple of weeks after we moved to the bay area and got settled into our home. While we were getting settled, my wife and I visited a cannabis shop in the neighborhood. The cannabis shop was right next to the grocery store. I was surprised to see them in the same plaza, but a lot of places have cannabis shops in California. Finding affordable real estate in San Francisco was a nightmare, but finding cheap weed was no problem at all.


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