Fisherman’s wharf is a really fun place for a date night

Fisherman’s Wharf is a very popular attraction in San Francisco, CA.

  • It is by far one of my favorite places to walk and spend the evening.

The area by Fisherman’s Wharf is easily known by its name, due to the amount of fisherman that came to the city in the 1800s. Fisherman’s Wharf is still a place for active fishermen to sell their morning catch. Fisherman’s Wharf has Ghirardelli Square which is a public landmark with restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels. The area is most well known for the Ghirardelli chocolate factory which still sells confections today. My girlfriend and I live just outside of San Francisco in another city in California. I thought Fisherman’s Wharf would be a wonderful place for a date night, because there is so much activity at night. My girlfriend was excited when I mentioned going to San Francisco, especially because they have excellent prices on legal recreational marijuana. We have legal recreational marijuana where we live as well, but we don’t have as many dispensaries and the prices are much higher. While we were in San Francisco, we visited a couple of pot shops so we could pick up supplies to take back home. My girlfriend and I ate dinner at a great seafood place by the wharf and the scallops were incredibly fresh. They were cooked well and seasoned to perfection. I could have eaten a dozen if they weren’t $15 a piece. There is a ton of great food in San Francisco, but the prices are set for tourists in the fishing district.

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