Glad I took my bestie to the Japanese Tea Garden

When I was trying to take my bestie somewhere special for his birthday, I looked at a good amount of unusual places around San Francisco and the bay area.

I wanted the whole day to be special, so I made the choice to take my man to the Japanese Tea Gardens! This San Francisco landmark has been around since the late 1800’s.

It was built as a part of the World’s Fair attraction and it is still a major part of Golden Gate Park that attracts thousands of visitors every single year. My number one area of the Tea Garden is the sprawling trees that are pines, cyprus, magnolias and the most superb flowering cherry tree. The park is always masterfully landscaped to beautiful condition. This spot in Golden Gate park was the ideal spot for our birthday lunch. I packed a basket with wine, cheese, grapes, and finger foods. I carried the picnic bin the entire time until we were able to locate a nice spot. We honestly talked for hours about life and love and our families. It was the most amazing day, until we were about to go home. I had a flat tire and we basically had to call a tow company. At least we were stuck by a marijuana dispensary. After seeing the flat tire, a marijuana cigarette seemed pretty much like the perfect way to calm down. My bestie and I walked across the street and picked out some recreational marijuana supplies! California is fairly well known for having lenient weed laws. It’s genuinely one of the largest reasons why younger people transport here. It’s one of the reasons why I prefer living on the west coast too.


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