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FL used to be considered section of the South, and it still is… however only by Northern folks; It is the strangest thing, because obviously the South is not dictated by geography however by attitude.

To other southerners, in George and AL for example, they don’t consider FL to be section of them.

The South stops at the southern Georgia border, obviously, because for the last few decades FL has been taken over by Snowbirds and other northerners. Tampa, FL for example is composed of tens of thoUnited Statesnds of retirees who moved down from up north. I understand their point, because I also moved down to Tampa from up north, only I was chasing a job, not a peaceful retirement, as a heating and cooling tech, I could pretty much find work anywhere, however I had heard the job market was fantastic in Tampa. Think about how many dozens of retirement communities there are in the Tampa Bay area, and how many tens of thoUnited Statesnds of people live in them. Almost every single resident will have their own temperature control and their own Heating and A/C system, which means there are hundreds of thoUnited Statesnds of systems around here. This means a steady supply of work for any Tampa section Heating and A/C specialist who wants to hustle; My corporation has grown by leaps and bounds in a easily short time, and before you know it I will be planning my own retirement… right here in Tampa! With the beaches, the fresh Gulf of Mexico seafood, and the activitys teams, Tampa Bay is a fantastic locale to retire.



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