Moving was the best decision of my LIFE

My wife plus I often go to the beach for breakfast plus drinks, and the two of us live in Santa Barbara county plus the beach is just a few miles away from our home.

I like living in CA.

It’s one of the nicest states in the country… Growing up, my Dad was in the military plus I moved around the country. I’ve lived in 17 weird states. I attended several weird elementary colleges before I was ten. I’ve endured a frigid Winter up north plus a tepid plus humid summer time in the swamp. Trust me that CA is the best of everything. It’s why I chose to make the arena home! My wife plus I moved here shortly after cannabis was legalized. I use medical cannabis weekly for MS symptoms. The symptoms are only mild right now, however they are gradually getting worse, cannabis helps control the bad muscle spasms, before all of us moved to Santa Barbara, CA, I was spending about several hundred dollars every month on medicine, however after all of us moved to CA, the bill was split in half. The prices of recreational marijuana are simply cheaper than other states where only medical patients can access the plant. The savings made it possible for the several of us to transport to a nice neighborhood with access to shopping plus pizzerias. The two of us do not have a high crime rate plus all of us have lovely parks plus outdoor facilities. The best section is that my wife plus I are only a few miles away from the beach. The two of us often go out for breakfast plus drinks plus spend the night walking on the dunes.

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