San Francisco has terrible traffic during tourist season

The best time to visit San Francisco, California, must be the spring season.

I work for a cannabis dispensary as a delivery driver.

Most of the time the roads aren’t busy, but the traffic isn’t terrible. Ever since the beginning of the spring season, the traffic downtown has been absolutely horrible. If you haven’t been to San Francisco, it’s hard to explain the streets. They really are nothing like anything else in the country. I know, because I have lived in half of the state. My dad was in the Army and we moved every couple of years to a different place. When we landed in San Francisco, California, it felt like home. I haven’t left the region since my parents moved here in 1995. They have retired and moved back to Michigan, but I would never leave San Francisco. I found a great job working at a cannabis shop and I work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In 6 hours on each of those days, I make enough money in tips to cover my rent, food, utilities, and entertainment money. Lately, the traffic has been awful and it seems like the roads are filled with tourists. People are taking a long time to turn right and left and most of the license plates are from different states. I have only been able to complete 75% of the cannabis deliveries that I would normally deliver on the weekends and that is really affecting my paycheck. I’m going to need to add a fifth day to my work schedule to cover all of the apartment expenses next month.

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