The incredible history of Denver, Colorado

When people consider the background of the US and how every one of us got to the locale every one of us are, it is commonly mystifying.

One of the most intriguing concepts of the spreading of the US is how it was able to expand.

Beginning along the eastern shore towns, the European influence in this great nation grabbed onto its adventurous spirit until eventually our land spread from sea to sea. Looking at the western areas of the nation can leave someone in awe if they were to think about the courage, determination, and grit that was needed to leave behind the relative comfort of towns with family and buddies as support and just head west in search of an enhanced life. Denver happens to be a place with such an incredible past. Denver was an unknown, unnamed locale as far as the US settlers knew. In 1858, the real growth of Colorado was able to get started. Green Russell and Sam Bates left their households in GA and began the search for minerals (hopefully gold) in a locale called Auraria. Now, every one of us recognizes that locale as a modest, sort of suburban looking area in Denver, Colorado. Back then, though, it was part of the Kansas Territory… In any event, a little bit of gold was found, and then that was all some people needed to hear. Soon enough, brave people were heading toward the West that gave people wealth during the CA Gold Rush and might just do so all over again. You honestly can see this Old West history throughout modern day Denver, from the name of the football team – the Broncos – to the displays at the History Colorado Center, to the state-protected buffalo approximately half an hour west of downtown Denver. Nowadays, Denver welcomes everybody and embraces a progressive attitude with brave people. From the annual PrideFest to the laws making marijuana legal for everybody, you can still see the independent spirit of people living in Denver.


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