The youngsters love marijuana

On the weekends when our husband and I are off together, we love to take the youngsters for family outings on Friday, however the people I was with and I save Monday for chores and laboring around the house, however Friday is typically a day when we spend time with the youngsters… One of our number one locales to take the youngsters is the Santa Barbara Zoo.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is new home to more than 150 odd types of insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles.

There are numerous odd exhibits and the children absolutely love to see all of the animals. The penguins are one of our number one exhibits. The Humboldt penguins come from the coast of South America. They like a climate that is easily much similar to the one in Santa Barbara county. I could spend all day watching the penguins, especially when it is feeding time, then last weekend, we took the youngsters to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was especially tied up and we got stuck in traffic on the way home, my fiance and I were both filled with anxiety, so we decided to stop at a recreational marijuana dispensary on the way home. The people I was with and I didn’t stop in Santa Barbara County, because the prices of recreational marijuana are much higher than the price is where we live. The people I was with and I waited until all of the youngsters were asleep and after that I stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary closer to the house. Once all of the youngsters were asleep for the night, we stepped outside and smoked a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette before going to bed. It was the perfect way to end a long day.


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