We got the best pork dumplings in Chinatown

Chinatown in San Francisco, California has one of the largest concentrations of Chinese culture, restaurants, and people outside of China.

The first Chinese immigrants arrived in San Francisco in the 1850s. 10 years later, the first Chinese only school was created in San Francisco. During the 1800s, California passed a lot of laws to protect Chinese and Japanese immigrants in the country. In the early part of the twentieth century, the first Chinese hospital was erected to help support the people in the community. There are a great deal of historical sites to tour in Chinatown and the restaurants offer some of the most spectacular and traditional Chinese cuisine outside of the country. One of my favorite reasons to visit San Francisco, California is the pork dumplings in Chinatown. There is no place else in California that sells pork dumplings that taste as good as the place in Chinatown. Since I live 2 hours away from San Francisco, I have to make a special trip whenever I am in the mood for pork dumplings. Last weekend, I was feeling particularly hungry and I drove all the way to the bay after work on Friday. I spent the whole evening in Chinatown and I ate food from three different vendors. There was no way I could drive home after I was finished, so I found a hotel by the interstate. The hotel was right across the street from a cannabis dispensary. After I checked into the room, I called the cannabis shop to see if they delivered. They did not offer delivery because it was so late, but they were still open for business. I put on my shoes and walked across the street to the cannabis dispensary. Since I was still close to San Francisco, the prices on weed were pretty reasonable.


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