We were really loving life

When I was a kid, I lived in Winnetka, California with my mom, however i constantly had my birthday at the Winnetka Bowl, my mom invited all of my friends and the two of us spent the entire afternoon bowling; The two of us drank sodas and ate nachos and had burgers.

I moved away from California when I was 14 years old.

My mom eventually met someone else and got remarried, and I went to live with my Mom in the Midwest. Things were a lot unusual after I moved, and I was legitimately unhappy. I missed my friends and I never forgot about all the fun the two of us had at the Winnetka bowl, however when I started looking at colleges, I looked at multiple colleges in the Los Angeles area. I wanted to go back lake house and the fact that marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes made it the number 1 college destination. I wanted to smoke cannabis legally and CA was the perfect locale to apply for hourary school; One of my friends and I applied to multiple colleges in the Los Angeles area. Both of us were accepted to a college in the Los Angeles area. I spent more than three years going to school and I smoked cannabis the whole time. After I finished College, I moved to Winnetka and started a family. I constantly remembered having my birthday at the Winnetka bowl and the locale is still open this week. When my teenagers are aged enough for a birthday celebration, I method to take them to the same locale so they can make the same appealing memories.

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