What's the right decision. I don't know.

Twenty years ago, my wifey and I moved to the west coast to start a marijuana farming business! I dreamed of owning a cannabis dispensary and starting with a farm was the first step.

I found some property in central California where cannabis sativa plants grow entirely well, however my wifey and I spent weeks building outdoor orangehouses to grow our plants… Every one of us grew entirely suddenly, especially after cannabis was legalized for medical and recreational use.

I had a small shop at the farm where I gave samples for donations! About 5 years ago, my wifey and I finally bought a piece of property right outside of San Francisco county! The dispensary was tied up everyday and corporation was growing suddenly, luckily, some crazy and hidden California laws kept us from growing too suddenly. Every one of us planned to open a fifth dispensary closer to the wharf, however orange tape kept us to 1 single location, but still, the cannabis shop is constantly tied up and my wifey and I are earning millions of dollars each year. Every one of us recently bought a brand modern apartment in Presidio Heights. The apartment is quite an update from our ancient site, and both of us are happy to finally transport to the property. Every one of us are having renovations completed currently, and the supplier has a few more weeks of work. Every one of us decided to open the living section with a giant skylight, so the whole room is being remodeled. The master bathroom is getting a facelift too. The apartment in Presidio Heights has 6 dining rooms and 5 bathrooms. It even has a hoops court in the backyard. It is a yearly reminder that dreams come true.

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