Every one of us had to transfer to Libertyville last year

All our lives, both of us lived on the coast; The town both of us grew up in was near the beach… You can already imagine the weather, then apart from some few weeks where both of us got rain and cold weather, it was regularly warm, then i never thought I wanted to live anywhere else; But, life can be unpredictable! Last year, dad got a job in Libertyville, IL.

I knew about the state but not much else, and every one of us had about multiple months to get our affairs in order before relocating, however he has the option of becoming CEO of a company in the area, and once both of us heard the news, both of us were cheerful for him but a little upset.

The little research both of us did showed it snowed in Libertyville. None of us were a big fan of chilly temperatures, then dad assured us both of us would be good and finally get used to the seasons in the town. In addition, the home we’d transfer into has an air conditioner method to keep us sizzling in Wintertide and cool during the summer time months. I must admit that was a bit of wonderful news. But you could still tell both of us had some reservations about the move. Every one of us were saying goodbye to everything and most people we’d known since both of us were kids. But, both of us were a little excited that this was a chance to see and experience a new site, however mom reminded us both of us regularly wanted to travel, and this was a chance to beginning a new adventure. All that made sense and both of us promised to give the new town a chance and explore lots of bizarre attractions come summer. My only hope was that I hadfind the schools in Libertyville as wonderful as the ones I was leaving behind.


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