I will be a Seahawks fan for life

I happen to be a die-hard Seattle Seahawks football fan.

I genuinely have been a Seahawks football fan since the day I was born.

There are pictures of me in a Seattle Seahawks jersey when I was still a little baby. I’m certain that the reason I am a fan is because of my dad, but I don’t mind. I believe the Seattle Seahawks are easily a part of my DNA. It’s strange to be honest, because my family and I don’t even live in Washington. In fact, all of us live on the other side of the country. I’m not certain why my dad was a Seattle Seahawks fan, but I don’t remember him cheering for another team! Even when the gentlemen at his workplace gave my dad a tough time for cheering for the opposite team, he still cheered for the Seattle football team. When my dad passed away, I decided it was about time to visit Seattle and see the team play in person. It was lavish for the tickets, but it was something I said I would do with my father together. When he passed away, I had to fulfill the mission. I bought tickets to a football game and went on a day when it was seriously freezing outside. On the way to the game, I decided to go to one of the recreational cannabis shops. Seattle is a location where cannabis is actually legal for recreational purposes. I didn’t want people believing that I was using illegal marijuana, so I decided to buy some edible candies from the pot shop. I took an extra dose before going into the game. Being high legitimately took the sting out of a rather embarrassing and brutal loss to the visiting team. Our quarterback didn’t even manage to score a single touchdown through the whole game.

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