Seattle has my favorite team of all time

I am a die-hard Seattle Seahawks football fan.

I have been a Seahawks football fan since I was born.

There are pictures of me in a Seattle Seahawks jersey when I was still a baby. I’m sure that the reason I am a fan is because of my dad, but I don’t mind at all. I feel like the Seattle Seahawks are part of my DNA. It’s strange really, because my family and I don’t even live in Washington. In fact, we live on the other side of the country. I’m not sure why my dad was a Seattle Seahawks fan, but I don’t remember him ever cheering for another team. Even when the guys at work gave my dad a hard time for cheering for the opposite team, he still cheered for the Seattle football team. When my dad passed away, I decided it was time to visit Seattle and see the team play in person. It was expensive for the tickets, but it was something I promised my dad that we would do together. When he passed away, I had to complete the mission. I bought tickets to a football game and went on a day when it was extremely cold outside. On the way to the game, I decided to stop at one of the recreational cannabis shops. Seattle is a place where cannabis is absolutely legal for recreational purposes. I didn’t want everyone around me to know that I was using illegal marijuana, so I decided to buy some edible candies from the marijuana shop. I took a double dose before going into the game. Being high certainly took the sting out of an embarrassing and disgusting loss to the visiting team. Our quarterback didn’t even manage to score a single touchdown in four whole quarters.

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