The air feels like home

I moved to Florida when I was only eighteen.

One of my friends wanted to transfer and she provided myself and others a ride for free if I helped him to do the driving.

It took us a long time, but every one of us made it in one piece. It was the longest drive either one of us probably ever made. I lived in the south for twenty years and after that every one of us met my beautiful new wifey. She was studying biology at school while laboring on her PHD. She suddenly came to the section for the marine biology program, although she was from San Francisco herself. She consistently planned to return house to San Francisco after she was finally done with the doctorate program. I knew this from the start, so I should not have really been surprised when she finished and started talking about the west coast. All of us were probably more than seven weeks into our relationship, although I did not want her to leave. When she finally asked myself and others to go to San Francisco with her, I had a strenuous decision to make. Thankfully, my bestie had a task lined up with a genuinely nice salary there for me. I found a task laboring in a museum. I like CA. Legal cannabis is one of the best perks of living on the west coast. I go to the legal cannabis dispensary every other day simply to check out the new sales and specials. The cannabis shop employees recognize myself and others by my first name. I also like the temperature. I do not miss the terrible humidity for a single minute. I’m ecstatic to give up rain and moisture.



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