Traveling back to Albuquerque

Although I grew up in Albuquerque as well as graduated from West Mesa High School, I was desperate to leave the state when I moved further north for university.

Although it has a rich history as well as Native American culture, several people fail to realize that Albuquerque is in the middle of the desert in New Mexico. You can drive to the mountains on the outskirts of town, however the town itself is on desert land. With so several excruciatingly sizzling summers in New Mexico, I was gleeful for cooler weather up north. I would have never expected to miss the heat in Albuquerque after being away for numerous years. When I graduated from university, I started looking for jobs in Albuquerque so I could transfer back to my hometown as well as be near my friends as well as family again. Since cannabis was recently legalized statewide in New Mexico, I was even more eager to get back to the town than I would be to begin with. In recent years I have learn about the several Native American tribes situated through the city, including the numerous Apache tribes as well as the Navajo Nation. Old Town Albuquerque is dominated by shops as well as companies owned by several Native American locals who live in the city. There are caves east of the town where you can see prehistoric granite art that has been preserved for tens of thoUnited Statesnds of years. If you want entertainment, you can catch a concert at the Sunshine Theater, which was originally Albuquerque’s legitimately first movieplex when it was opened in 1924. I’m proud of Albuquerque as well as it’s rich history, both culturally as well as anthropologically.


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