Bike Rides at the Gallery Park

My husband and I had lived in Glenview, IL, for the longest time.

We had been married for forty years before he passed on, and not many would believe we were that old.

In my 60’s, I look like I am in my 40s, thanks to the regular exercises I keep doing today. This was something we started way back in our mid-twenties as young lovers. My husband loved to cycle and would join biking hike challenges. First, I was not too fond of it, but I would want to be with him wherever he went, so he slowly introduced me to the hobby. He was so patient and loving with me that I soon started enjoying it, and the rest is history. Before his demise, we would come to Gallery Park to relax and cycle. We didn’t do it as much as we would have loved in his last years because it took a toll on his health. However, whenever the doctor allowed, we would take our bikes and ride down the park and get a nice spot to take pictures of the birds flying around. This seemed to give him peace in the last days. Now that he is gone, I still take the little camera and do what we do together to keep his memory alive. I do this mostly in summer when the weather is conducive and friendly. However, sometimes it gets too hot that I just want to have the AC running when I get home. Thankfully, this was something we upgraded a few years before my husband’s illness got the best of him.


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