Darius followed his girlfriend to Denver

Darius was going through a tough time in his life and didn’t handle his relationship well.

He had a long-time girlfriend who had been with him through a lot of things. But, he always thought she would be with him and didn’t treat her so nice the past year. So, one morning she woke up, sent him a message on his phone that she was tired and was moving away. By the time Darius got to her apartment, she had already left. He tried to wrack his brain about what he had done wrong. He had to admit there were so many things. In his tough time, he chose not to rely on her for comfort but rather take his feelings out on her. At the end of the day, he had caused the rift between them, and now she was gone. Darius spent that day trying to get in touch with her. He wanted to know where she had moved to patch things up. She finally picked up his call that evening and told him she had just landed in Denver. Darius took the next flight out and made sure to visit her in her aunt’s house. He had no grand gestures planned but only apologized for the things he had done. He made sure she felt he was sincere, and they even went out for dinner. But, unfortunately for him, she wasn’t moving back home because of her new job. They strolled the streets talking and went into a pot shop so that his girlfriend could get some CBD oil before taking her back to her aunt’s house.


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