How do they keep losing my bag?

The last time I went to Denver for a work thing, the airport lost my bag.

I didn’t have any clean underwear, pants, shorts, plus I didn’t have any suits or ties.

I had to wear the same clothes 2 days in a row, but the airport crew told me not to worry. They promised they would find my bags. Unfortunately, after a few days, the airport staff still failed to find our luggage. They issued me a voucher for $400 to replace tons of dollars worth of high-priced suits. I was undoubtedly aggravated about the problems I had plus the Denver Airport plus I told our boss that I never wanted to return to that location. That was a couple of years back, plus my boss made me go back to Denver again last week. It was severely cold outside and I tried to get someone else to go to the seminar in our locale. I packed an extra bin with hats, gloves, scarves, plus sweaters. I wanted to be prepared for the cold, Denver climate. It would be difficult to recognize that the Denver Airport lost my luggage again, but that is exactly what went on. The airport officials tried to blame the issue on the airport in our town, even though I fly in and out of that locale various times each week and I have never had our bags misplaced that many times. I was so frustrated plus annoyed and I called every telephone number listed at the airport until I reached someone to handle the concern. Thankfully, they found my bags this time. They were sitting at a different terminal and arrived earlier than our connecting flight.

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