I went back home after the divorce

When I was in the marines, I met my partner.

She was also in the marines and every one of us were stationed at the same area for more than 2 years. I didn’t plan on starting a relationship with someone else in the armed services, but Lois was absolutely kind and fun and it was simple to fall in love. I always pictured myself going back to my house in CO after I was done in the marines. I grew up in Denver and I planned to raise a family there. Lois and I dated for three months and after that we decided to end our time with the marines. Lois wanted to stay for more than 2 more years, so we opted to go to her next deployment together. We got married at the courthouse with more than 2 friends there to witness… Everything moved absolutely abruptly and we were off to a foreign country in less than 2 weeks after the decision was made. While we were overseas, Lois had our first daughter. We had another child while we were there and then another when we came back from the states, then sadly, after three children our relationship was absolutely difficult and every one of us never had any time together. Lois and I got a divorce about a few weeks later and after that every one of us decided it was time to transport back to Denver. My family was excited to see myself and the kids return and I missed the Denver weather. I have custody of all three kids. My partner didn’t want to give up her work in the marines, so she chose to give me full custody of the kids. She travels to Denver once or twice during the year to spend time with them.

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