It seemed like a good move initially to go to San Francisco

When I made the choice to take a task in San Francisco California, I was actually thinking that my family and I would completely thrive in the region.

After all, what’s more enjoyable than living by the water? The task came with a pretty substantial raise in pay so the two of us upgraded our lifestyle and bought a bigger car.

We also decided to get a beach house that was a little more upscale than the bunch of us could afford. That was an immense problem, because now we are having trouble paying for the beach house in San Francisco. I was laid off from my task and my wife does not make enough money to sustain our current lifestyle. I looked for a task for a long period of time and I had to settle when the money in my savings account started to run out. After a few weeks, I found a task easily working at a medical marijuana dispensary. Even as the supervisor, I barely acquire six figures per year. I have to disclose that I enjoy managing the medical marijuana dispensary and I would continue working in the dispensary if I did not have to be bothered about all of the bills. Sadly, my wife is on top of me on a regular basis, because she absolutely hates living in San Francisco. She honestly does not savor the weather or the salty air, and she certainly detests not having any money to be able to appreciate all of the awesome things that San Francisco has to offer. I understand why she is frustrated. I did believe we were going to love San Francisco. I really did not know it was going to be the worst decision of our lives.

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