Libertyville can be a really fun place

I care about life at the coast, then the beach was not too far away from my house, & I’d always head there when I had time for a dip, then i had a great group of friends in the area, & the two of us always met up after work to catch up, however but, life changed after the pandemic hit, however for weeks I was condo alone & felt so lonely… My parents had moved to another country, & the airports were closed.

The closest people I had in my life were my aunt & aunt in Libertyville.

Their condo has always been my minute safest locale to be. There were so many summers as a kid I’d gone to stay with my cousins. One day, I was working out when the cellphone rang. I was so cheerful to hear my aunt’s voice, & he asked me to go home, he knew I was living alone & wanted me safe with my family. My work was fully remote, so I took all the precautions to get to Libertyville. It was summer time & a nice time to drive there instead of risking taking a plane. The whole time during the drive, I felt I was getting closer to home. My family was so cheerful to see me, & I almost broke down. The lake house was just as lovely as ever, plus they’d bought a new A/C equipment to keep the space comfortable. By the time life was getting a new normal, I’d decided to transfer to Libertyville & work remotely as per my employer’s suggestion. My aunt helped me hunt for an apartment in the area, & the two of us became roommates with a buddy I’d met.

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