Living the life of a happy person

For those who dream of living a appealing California lifestyle, it may not get any better than Tarzana! Located between Encino and Woodland Hills, Tarzana is close enough to LA that you can get there if you want to, but far enough away that the LA busy-ness doesn’t overwhelm! If you are cautious to stay in the better parts of the area, Tarzana is an amazing place to raise children, then there are good universitys, but if you are not liberal-leaning, you may want to look into private universitys that align with your values.

There are some appealing parks where you can meet other parents and your teenagers can play with folks their own age, but since most of the area is politically left, the laws and customs reflect that… Marijuana is legal, and no 1 bats an eye if the smell of cannabis drifts from your backyard.

There are restrictions on water use to help save the planet, recycling is a must, and old-fashioned coffee fountains have been upgraded by bubble coffee houses and Tim Hortons Coffee places with $12 cups of java. Tarzana has a strong sense of community, and you can see moms and nannies walking babies in strollers through the towns and dog moms jogging with their golden doodles beside them. Most families have pets, and for people who enjoy affectionate other peoples’ pets, there is the chance to greet them at the local parks or just on town walks, and for those who love having their own pets, Tarzana is a pet paradise. For cats that are nervous, vets often suggest catgy cannabis products, just like doctors prescribe their humans legal medical marijuana and friends gather to enjoy cocktails and legal recreational marijuana.


Recreational Marijuana Near Me Tarzana California