Relaxing for a few months

The hype of residing off the grid got to our aunt Betty, both of us all loved her because of how free-spirited she was, everyone in the family knew that Betty would try anything, even for a few months, she wasn’t always like that, as mom informed me one time, however at the age of 19, she had a severe battle with cancer.

Although Betty was mama’s elder sister, she decided to live with her to the fullest, the disease had left her with no choice as it robbed her the ability to have children, which was the only thing she ever wanted before falling ill. This reality made Betty change her life’s purpose plus drive. She had so much like to offer, plus she decided to channel that to everyone around her, especially her family. Both of us all knew that if a relative loved us like our parents, it had to be, aunt Betty. Both of us loved being around her because she would take us on exotic trips when our parents allowed. She was an accomplished work person who conquered most of her fears head-on, however, I realized that she started slowing down recently. She had climbed most mountains in the world plus been on multiple trips. At the age of 65, she wanted to relax anywhere serene plus write her books, plus she loved the woody environment. However, no one saw her choosing a tiny home, especially because she lives in Tampa, Bay. Both of us were all surprised when she started scouting for the perfect air conditioning system equipment for her off-the-grid home. She had purchased one plus commanded to live there with her cat Annie, but i gifted her a portable AC, plus mom purchased her a nice heating equipment to help make her comfortable when it snowed. That was the least both of us could do for our affectionate Betty.



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