The druid circles are a fun activity while under the influence of weed

The Druid circles by the California Academy of Science are a circle of stones hidden under the trees.

It’s a really interesting place with a story that matches the intriguing past.

The stones that are located in this place were brought to the area by William Hearst. They belonged to a monastery in Spain. The stones are used today for sacred practices and the worship of nature. The 12 stones are arranged in a circle and The Druids consider this to be their holy place. A lot of people think the place is haunted, and I wouldn’t go there at night. During the day though, it is a fun and creepy experience that most people try at least one time while they are in San Francisco. My friends and I thought it would be fun to visit the Druid circles while we were under the influence of weed. Recreational marijuana in San Francisco is easy to find. You have to be 21 years old to purchase recreational marijuana in San Francisco, but it is fairly cheap and easy to find in a number of marijuana dispensaries. Just in the area near the My friends and I went to a recreational marijuana shop in San Francisco and purchased several different items. We went to the area by the California Academy of Science and visited the Druid circles. My friends and I thought we saw lots of strange shapes, but I’m sure it was just the effects from being under the influence of weed. I’m sure all of the scary stories can’t be true.


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