Chihuly Garden and Glass as a date

I will admit I am a simple gal. I live in Seattle but I really don’t utilize the amazing city I am in. I like to stick close to home and rarely do anything fun. A wild night in town for me is to hit a cannabis dispensary. I either vape a cannabis oil or try some new edibles. I like to have some THC infused baked goods on hand. If I invite people over and we are having fun, it is easier to serve than booze and not as rough on the body. Nobody is going to be vomiting in my kitchen sink the next day you know? I recently went on a date with another local to the city. He asked me if I had ever been to the Chihuly Garden and Glass area. I knew what he was talking about but hadn’t been there. Gardens and glass sculptures aren’t really my thing. I didn’t want to shoot the guy down though. So that was our first date. The gardens actually were very colorful and beautiful. It was peaceful and relaxing looking at them. The overhead glass structure was amazing and then highlighted. It was reds, oranges and yellow fan like things stretching all over the ceiling. It almost looked like the glass changed color throughout the day too. I was just mesmerized by the beauty of it. It made me want to take up glass blowing as a hobby or buy some unique glass pieces for my home. It was a very different date than I had been on and the guy is a very different type of person. He has all sorts of odd activities he wants to do. After the gardens, I am game to try them.

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