Needed an area with better weather

The south was too hot for me.

I was born in the south and raised there.

I went to a local college and stuck around a year after. I always hated the high heat and humidity. You can’t really work outside or stay long at the beach due to the heat. It was so easy to get burned and the air was almost difficult to breathe. There was no break either. Fall was slightly cooler, but not a lot. Wintertime was a joke. Spring immediately was starting to heat to where my family had to crank the AC. I knew I wasn’t going to be southern forever. I started putting feelers out for jobs in different states. I ended up in Illinois of all places. My area is called Orland Park and I just love it. The weather is the draw for me. I actually get to enjoy four distinct seasons. I actually can run my heating system from time to time. AC is required, but not life or death. There is no more humidity or the hot air smacking you in the face when you leave the AC. Orland Park has great temperatures each month. I actually get snow cold and feel really cold in the winter season. I feel very festive for the first time in my life. Spring actually does bring showers and different flowers! I even like that the summer season isn’t as hot as I am used to. I can actually go to the local pool and hang out all day without turning into a lobster.
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