The different cities in NM have different rules

New Mexico recently changed the laws regarding cannabis.

New Mexico has the city’s changing lots of different things so they can work on making their own rules and plans. The people I was with an addition to myself her on the city council and we are responsible for helping to make these additional laws. The people I was with an addition to myself did not know what was going to occur when we found out that Albuquerque was going to legalize recreational marijuana. A friend of mine living in a different state told myself in addition to others that the crime levels have actually gone down quite a bit since marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes. Everyone seems to be buying items off the black market that are high with harmful additives. The black market marijuana products were making people sick and it seemed like the best idea was to make recreational marijuana legal across the state. Albuquerque had a town council meeting as well as the people I was with in addition to myself were there. I opened my mouth a couple of times, but no one like anything that I had to say. They don’t feel myself in addition to others have an opinion when it comes to the recreational marijuana sales. Since different cities throughout New Mexico have different rules, I certainly want to make sure that Albuquerque is the place with the loosest recreational Cannabis rules and regulations. If we can get more visitors into the area, then the sales for tourists will be higher than they were last year.