The lady wanted so much from me

I went to university and earned a degree in critter behavior in biology; I started working at the Tampa Bay Zoo when I was 25 years old.

I’ve been here for the last 10 years.

I appreciate working at the zoo and going to see with all of the critters. I started out working in the family room making food and supplements were all of the critters, however now I am a trainer and the bird aviary. I easily appreciate working in the aviary with all the birds, both of us have tropical and local species… The Tampa Bay Zoo is home to thoUSAnds of birds… Each a single of them has their own personality. I appreciate spending all afternoon inside of the aviary, even on my mornings off, last Monday I didn’t have anything planned on my afternoon off, so I went to the Tampa Bay Zoo and sat in the Aviary. I visited with the birds and I watched all of the people coming in and out of the zoo. It was an insanely hot afternoon and the outdoor temperature was 93 degrees. The zoo wasn’t terribly tied up because of the heat, however there were a couple of people walking around. One lady in particular decided she wanted a refund because of the heat. I overheard the conversation while we were inside of the Aviary. The person was talking to her husband or guy; She was yelling about that heat and complaining about the temperatures. She told her guy that she wanted to ask for a refund and he told her that she was being silly for complaining about the heat in the state of Florida.



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