Albuquerque is more temperate then you would think

Because of where the city is located, a lot of people have the incorrect impression about Albuquerque and think that it is terribly hot here.

This is not the Sahara Desert, it’s just New Mexico, and believe it or not it’s favorite city is quite temperate for most of the year.

I was born and raised in Florida, and let me tell you, that place is hot, humid, and altogether uncomfortable. When I first moved from there to Albuquerque I thought that it would be worse out here, but the climate is really pretty amazing. It’s no wonder that local cannabis cultivation has become so famous, because the temps and weather around here are lovely. First of all, I am in no way advocating any illegal activities here, because there are plentiful cannabis dispensaries available, and our crime rate is really low. So I am not saying you should try and grow your own cannabis, I’m just saying that some of the people who do have reached some pretty incredible levels of success. Albuquerque is well known for having the best medical facilities in this part of the country, and one part of that is our cannabis dispensaries. Although there are strict rules and regulations on the books to protect the populace from unscrupulous business owners, Albuquerque is very friendly towards cannabis. I think that our very low crime rates show that because Albuquerque embraced medical and legalized marijuana, it helped our community stay safe, and also provided a new revenue stream for the government. Albuquerque is an amazing place to call home.

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