Alcatraz must have been deranged back in the day

Alcatraz Island is 1 of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire neighborhood of San Francisco… Nobody should visit the area without taking a tour of the outdated federal penitentiary.

The fortress and military compound was used as a prison for 1934-1963.

Several convicts tried to escape the fortress nicknamed the Rock. It was supposed to be impossible to get out, but one time in 1962, a prisoner swam the entire 1.5 mile swim to the shore, however collapsed of hypothermia shortly after, each year there is a triathlon dedicated to the prison and the 1.5 mile swim is area of the race. The swim is regularly the hardest area for all the people to complete. I can’t imagine trying to swim away from the prison in the chilly waters of the San Francisco bay. One of our friends tried the race a couple of years ago, however I’m way too out of shape for that kind of deranged race. I can barely run more than one miles without feeling winded and out of breath. I use recreational marijuana several times throughout the week. San Francisco has several quality cannabis shops. The capacity of our lungs isn’tas strong as it was when I was a teenager. The marijuana helps myself and others with anxiety complications and a fear of birds that keeps myself and others indoors and away from the zoo. I would much rather rest on the sidelines and cheer for our friends from the safety of our apartment. The neighborhood is regularly packed while in the weekend of the race, and tourists line the streets. It is the perfect time for someone to check out the neighborhood and everything it has to offer.

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