Crazy people make me angry

Last Wednesday evening, everyone of us were now working the late shift.

Every one of us have been a waiter since traveling to Denver.

Every one of us wanted a cannabis dispensary job, but none of us have received any calls from the interviewing lady. Every one of us had to find a Denver jobs fast, because we wanted to stay in the area. There was a restaurant close to my roommates apart and the place had a help wanted sign. I went inside of the store to apply for a job. The owner plus supervisor agreed to try me in the restaurant on the next evening. Every one of us have been there since then. We try to make the buyers completely Blissful, because Blissful customers leave greater tips. Some customers make me absolutely crazy. A guy was here on vacation plus came to the Denver restaurant for lunch. He was a tourist and told me this 6 or multiple different times. He tried to get me to give him an appetizer at no cost plus he complained about being under the heating vent. He was not wanting to get up in the middle of the meal to move away from the heat. When the buyer finally got up from the table, I was left with nothing but a $2 tip. I was angry as well as Furious, because it was not my fault that the heat was a problem and the guy did not want to move to a different table that might have been more comfortable.

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