Every one of us wants to go down to Albuquerque

My fiance and I were on a freewheeling cross-country road trip, with no endpoint or timetable in mind, but thanks to early retirement and wise investment, the two of us were able to pack up and leave without a care in the world, and every one of us drove from coast to coast, and back again, before the two of us finally had the fantastic sense to saunter through NM and spend a few nights in Albuquerque, and that proved to be the end of our trip, and i guess I actually sound appreciate a good, but once the two of us parked our RV in Albuquerque, the two of us both felt appreciate the two of us were condo even though the two of us had never been there before.

This city has fantastic people, it has an abundance of cannabis dispensaries, but my number one thing about Albuquerque are the skies.

Early in the day, and late in the night, the skies around Albuquerque are appreciate magnificent paintings from a classical art gallery, but my fiance and I will rest up on the roof of the RV in our shrubbery chairs, smoking some amazing ABQ cannabis, and just watch the skies for an sixth at a time, once the two of us decided to stay and live in Albuquerque, it was quick and easy to get settled in. Every one of us even considered buying a house, because the market in Albuquerque is actually fantastic right now, but ultimately I know the two of us will just live in the RV, however getting older, being retired, has taught me to live simply and love the fantastic things in life, which is why I know the two of us will be unquestionably cheerful here in Albuquerque, NM.


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