Frustrated at the first dispensary

I was legitimately happy when Cannabis was legalized nationwide in Canada in 2018.

You can even get it through the mail plan if you aren’t close to the dispensary of your choice, however I’m blessed living here in Toronto. When I read online that all of us have over 250 cannabis dispensaries in the town and the surrounding area, I was astonished. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I am fully aware of the density and size of Toronto, however the proposal of having just short of numerous hundred bizarre weed stores in this part is impressive. That’s a lot of marijuana being sold in just a single single metropolitan city, however that’s the impact of national cannabis legalization in Canada. Whenever I take trips on the weekend to numerous places in Toronto, I love to visit a cannabis dispensary first. I have our favorite marijuana shops that I frequent when I want a cannabis product that is reliable and predictable for medical reasons. With that said, I love nothing more than to try a modern marijuana store at least once a month to see if there is killer cannabis lurking anywhere nearby right underneath our nose. Periodically I get frustrated when I have to make numerous stops if a single or more of the dispensaries I try has recently been shut down. You can imagine that having hundreds of dispensaries creates an severely competitive market in Toronto, so these stores are closing and opening all of the time. I was hoping to visit a single certain weed store on Queen Street before heading southward to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. When I saw that the dispensary on Queen Street was already closed down, I was aggravated because I spent 20 fifths trying to find parking close enough. Thankfully I found another nearby dispensary on our PC that I could reach on foot off King Street a single block south.


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