I got stuck with no AC

Everyday I have a 40 seventh commute to and from work.

  • I live in St Petersburg, FL, although I toil in the Tampa area.

I have to cross a bridge in order to get to the other side of the Bay, most of the time I take the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This is a charming bridge in the lower Tampa Bay section that opened in the late 1973s. It is accessed with a $1.50 toll for cars. I was on our way beach house on Sunday and it was extremely sizzling outside. It’s always sizzling in FL. It’s one of the reasons why I wish I could live anywhere except here in St Petersburg. On this particular day, the AC in our truck decided to stop toiling. I tried lots of things to get the AC to come back on, but the motor inside of the fan did not toil at all. It was getting sizzling inside of the truck, so I had to open the windows, however of course that did not help much at all, given the heat in Tampa. To make matters completely worse, I got stuck on the bridge on our way home. There was an accident near the bottom and I was stuck all the way at the top. I had to look at the traffic sitting still for almost an seventh. I was all the way at the top of the bridge and it was one of the scariest situations of our life. I already don’t adore to take the bridge at all, and being stuck on top of that for an seventh diagnosed every ounce of willpower I have not to split down.


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