I wish the dog beach would have been closer

One of my friends from college recently moved to San Francisco, and I wanted to go visit their guy for the day. My girlfriend was busy studying for her masters class so I went by myself. I took my dog so I wouldn’t have to drive alone. When I arrived in San Francisco, I went straight to the place where my friend was staying. He invited me up for a couple of beers. He didn’t mind that I brought my dog and his dog played with my dog for the next hour. We thought about going to a dog beach in San Francisco, but there were no parks close to our location. I didn’t plan to stay all day, but my friend and I were having a great time. He asked me to stay and watch the football game and I agreed. I called my girlfriend and gave her an update. While I was on the phone, my friend ordered some items from the cannabis delivery service in town. He told me after I hung up the phone, because he didn’t want my girlfriend to know that he ordered some items from the cannabis dispensary. I quickly informed my old friend that my new girlfriend has no problem at all with recreational cannabis. The two of us often smoke when we have a bad day or want to relax after a long day of work. We really had a lot of fun that day, and it was nice to catch up after not seeing each other for a couple of years.
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