Seattle is a neighborhood of rich pot history

To me, Seattle is all about the music, i understand there is a long, rich history to the city, and I dig it, but I am not a history guy, I am a music guy, so our focus has always been on how various amazing musical acts have come out of a single scene, however seattle, Washington is honestly most musically famous for being the beach home of grunge rock, as most people knows.

Some of the greatest rock bands of the last fifty years came out of Seattle, from Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam to Mudhoney and the Screaming Trees. If you look past the grungy hair and ripped flannel shirts of the rock scene, you will find a bevvy of other musical talent that has started off in Seattle, hip hop stars from 2 generations, Sir Mix A Lot and Macklemore, both proudly claim Seattle as their home, and still perform a lot of local shows! A entirely odd kind of musician is Kenny G, and like him or not you cannot argue with the worldwide success of that Seattle native. A enjoyable various classic alternative bands always formed in and around Seattle, including Death Cab for Cutie, the Foo Fighters, the Posies, Modest Mouse, and the Presidents of the USA of America. Jimi Hendrix did some of his best creative work in Seattle, he was not a hometown boy, although all of us do still like to claim him! Some of these musical acts have been heavily involved with the thriving cannabis dispensary scene in the city, as well.

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