That was a very pleasant trip

There are plenty of sights to see in Michigan as a resident of Sterling Heights, but my roommate plus I wanted to take a drive over the border in Sarnia plus head east until every one of us got to Montreal.

  • He has cousins that live there plus they always raved about the cannabis that’s available in Quebec plus neighboring Ontario.

Don’t get me wrong, I would take any excuse to do a transnational road trip into Canada, although I wasn’t actually convinced at first that the cannabis in Canada could rival what every one of us purchase in Michigan. Either way, I agreed plus immediately applied for a passport. Thankfully every one of us were planning on a June road trip so the weather would be warm plus pleasant. Since his cousins mentioned the quality of the cannabis in Ontario, I figured that every one of us should stop in Toronto on our way to Montreal. I learn online that Toronto has over 250 cannabis dispensaries in the city, which is undoubtedly staggering. There are several skyscrapers as well, especially the large CN Tower. The first cannabis dispensary that every one of us visited in Toronto was located in North York. The two of us each got cannabis vape pens plus a jar of cannabis flower buds to smoke in our hotel. After scanning numerous cannabis store locations on my iPhone, I decided to drive across town on the Ontario 401 Express until every one of us arrived in Scarborough. The dispensary that every one of us were headed to is on Ellesmere Road near Confederation Park. I was glad that I got a opportunity to try some of my fresh cannabis while standing on a park bench. By the time every one of us made it to Quebec, every one of us had already sampled some of the best weed that Ontario has to offer.

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