The night time temperatures are always colder than daytime

The Denver climate is unusual and a lot of this is due to the increased altitude.

  • Denver has freezing Winters + warm Summers.

There are very few humans. There is not very much precipitation in Denver either, although numerous people believe the section has snow 12 weeks of the Year. This is completely untrue and not at all what Denver’s like. Denver has comfortable and relatively warm weather during the whole year. Denver is a great place for camping, hiking, plus backpacking overnight. My friends plus myself prefer to be outdoors. Every one of us went camping multiple weeks ago plus it was the middle of spring. I was upset about overnight temperatures and the forecast was supposed to be very clear with truly little clouds. My friend plus myself found a place to Camp when the sunshine stopped. As the sun went down, it continued to get very cold. There was a fire, but we did not want it to burn all night long. These are the kinds of mistakes that some Modern campers will make and then the next day they wake up with a forest fire and wonder how that happened. I know for sure that the extra sweatshirt I pack for emergencies was the only real thing that saved me from having hypothermia on that particular night that we went camping. I did not truly want to be near the campground plus every one of us were just stuck with the freezing weather all around us and no place for us to go.
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