The rent is going up $100 in May

My neighbor plus myself have a two living room apartment outside of Denver. It’s multiple miles away from work however all of us can get there truly certainly using the Denver metro. My roommate Works close by to the apartment. The guy works at a medical marijuana dispensary. Legal marijuana is certainly a great reason to visit or live in Colorado. Both of us recently moved here. The Denver apartment rental rates are seriously high. My neighbor plus myself pay $2,000 each month for a two living room apartment. The community has a few simple amenities love a swimming pool, game room, sauna plus Fitness Center. The apartment building owner decided to update the heating plus air conditioners. My roommate plus myself we’re put out for the day when the heating plus AC technician needed to install the modern equipment. The Modern Heating plus air conditioning Equipment Works a ton better. Of course, now that means there is going to be an increase in the rent. It’s a bummer for my roommate plus myself, because both of us will renew our lease in May. Our increased rates will go up then, instead of in another six months like other people have done to get the same turn around. Some of the folks around here have incredibly long leases plus will not actually pay an increased rate until numerous weeks from now. I certainly don’t want to give this location plus the new heating plus air conditioning equipment, but I’ve got to find a way for both of us to save money now that the rent is going up.


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