The welding shop had a high tech AC unit

My fiance and I were visiting some friends and family in St Petersburg, and the stairs on our RV broke! Both of us did not know who to call and there weren’t a lot of options for RV repairs! One of our family members commanded calling a welding shop to have the stairs repaired; I thought that was an excellent idea.

  • I called a couple of locales and I found a welding shop in Tampa Bay that was willing to see myself and others at any time.

I took the stairs off the RV and packed them into the back of the truck. I went to the welding shop and spoke with a person in charge. I went inside of the building… When I answered the shop, I was truly surprised by the cool, comfortable atmosphere. It felt more appreciate an office than a shop for mechanics; The welding shop had a high-tech smart thermostat that controlled the heat, AC, humidity, and air purification products. I mentioned something to the office supervisor about the high-tech smart thermostat and she told myself and others that the owner’s child owns a heating and A/C repair business in Tampa Bay. The child is wildly successful and set everything up just a few months ago. I asked for the name of the heating and A/C repair business, just in case our family and friends did not have a full-time Tampa provider. The guy sounded appreciate he was headed in the right direction. The stairs were completed in less than numerous hours and I waited in the lobby while the shop supervisor finished the work.

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