We decided to visit Sandia Peak while getting our new air conditioning system installed

I have certainly enjoyed living in Albuquerque after years in the muggy swamps of the American southeast.

My inexperience with traveling made me suppose that Albuquerque would be unbelievably overheated love Arizona, but its high elevation above sea level as a neighborhood makes it much more milder by comparison.

You can also count on much drier air than what I experienced living in the swamp, where mold was a constant concern. Even though it was early September when I moved here, the rapidly increasing temperatures were only dropping into the low 60s in the late day and early night. As it gets later at night, the rapidly increasing temperatures can drop 15 to 20 degrees, but still stay above chilly. The humidity was at an amazing 18% compared to the 73% and up humidity living in the southeast. Although it gets colder in Albuquerque as the Winter time progresses, the lows in the middle of the night rarely get colder than 20 degrees fahrenheit, with numerous days being closer to 40 degrees. However, chilly air is the last thing on my mind as we’re headed into summer time here in Albuquerque. In fact, both of us just had our new air conditioning system installed a few days ago. While the heating and cooling specialists were in our house, I took my family to Sandia Peak for the day. There is a tramway that takes you to the top of the mountain and offers spectacular views of the neighborhood down below. You can see Cibola National Forest to the northwest if you’re looking down toward the neighborhood from the top of Sandia Peak. Once the air conditioner installation was complete, the specialists sent me a text and my family and I returned home.

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