A better place to put down roots

Location is pressing for more than real estate, it’s pressing in life! Let me deliver you a great instance, otherwise known as the story of my life.

From a very young age I loved music, as well as not just listening to it but playing it.

I got a toy drum set at age 6, as well as wore it out so fast my folks got me a real set at age 7. All I wanted to do was play music, as well as that was all well and great until I turned 16, and then my folks wanted me to quit the “odd” music as well as get a job. That’s small city life for you! At age 18 I moved to Seattle, WA, as I had dreamed of doing for years, to try as well as find my stadium in the local music scene. My outdated location was stifling, and didn’t want me to be myself, but I don’t have that problem in Seattle. Here the open mics evenings are almost as numerous as the cannabis dispensaries… as well as all of us have a lot of dispensaries! During the afternoon I really work at a single of the dispensaries, as well as in the evening I try to land gigs in the downtown Seattle music scene, with varying results. They say it’s about the journey, not the destination, as well as I am enjoying my journey here in Seattle. I am entirely busy, but guess that my life is entirely chill as well as laid back, befitting of the city itself. More than the weed, or the music, I care about Seattle because I can do what I want to do.

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