A weed themed b day

We were all admittedly surprised when our sister announced her engagement.

  • Her girl at the time had been going back and forth about wanting a long term relationship with my sister.

Apparently she finally told her after she provided her with a giant guilt-trip about their living situation. I do not care to say it, but I know she feared losing my sister and her home and having to live out of her car while trying to make it on her own. Hopefully marrying her isn’t a bargaining chip to prevent her from leaving her. Still, I am trying to be supportive of our sister. That’s why I went to her birthday but I wasn’t supportive of her decision to marry that woman. The people I was with and I all live in Toronto and the whole country has had legal recreational cannabis for three years now. Although our sister had expressed a desire to get married at the Casa Loma castle for years now, we only found out at the last minute that she intended it to be a weed-infused bash. I’m a big time cannabis user, but I don’t think how our older relatives from rural areas in Ontario are going to assume about blunts and joints being handed out along with cocktails. They bought the weed from a variety of cannabis dispensaries around Toronto and Scarborough. I heard they were going to offer marijuana drinks as well. Although I was gleeful to visit the 18th century castle Casa Loma for the first time as a birthday guest, not even the added factor of cannabis consumption can get me gleeful for their dreadful birthday.


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