I absolutely enjoy walking around Downtown Denver with pre-rolled joints in my pocket

I was a cigarette smoker for a number of years.

Like many of my friends in college, I picked up my nasty tobacco habit by taking cigarettes from other students at parties. Once you get into the habit of smoking while you drink, you’ll become a tobacco addict before you realize it. This is what happened to me within the first year of college. By the time I was a sophomore in undergraduate school, I was smoking at least a pack of cigarettes every single day. This is an expensive habit, but what worried me more than anything else was the thought of getting cancer as early as my 30s or 40s like my uncle and grandfather before me. It’s a very real possibility for anyone who consistently smokes nicotine products. One way that I got off smoking tobacco was through rolling joints of cannabis and smoking them whenever I’d get tobacco cravings. I live in Denver on E Alameda Ave near Washington Park, and I have cannabis dispensaries around me in every perceivable direction. I pass by several cannabis stores while I’m out taking my dog for a normal stroll. This happens to be my favorite time to smoke my pre-rolled joints as well. I can take S Downing St until I get to Smith Lake. We both keep walking until I either run out of joints or his legs begin to get tired. The little pup lets me know he’s tired by stopping and sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s nice walking around Downtown Denver with pre-rolled joints as well, although I have to be careful if I see police roaming around.

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