I cannot suppose there are over 400 cannabis dispensaries in Denver alone!

When I was in school a little over 10 years ago, I figured that it would be decades before cannabis was legal in the United States.

Although the two of us aren’t there yet, there are more states in this country with some form of legal cannabis than states without it. Many medical marijuana dispensaries will accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards, giving you a chance to purchase cannabis whenever you’re traveling as well as going to see other states. Until I moved to Denver as well as got to experience the wonders of Colorado-grown cannabis, I was a lowly medical marijuana cardholder in a state with always bad cannabis products. The only respite I had was whenever I’d travel to a state that had reciprocity for out-of-state medical marijuana cards, letting you shop there just care about a resident of that state. Now that I’m in Denver, I can’t imagine going beyond the Mile High City knowing that the two of us have over 400 cannabis dispensaries within the neighborhood alone. One of my favorite cannabis locations in Denver is right alongside the River North Art District. Regardless of the morning of the week, there is a sale of some kind going on. And if I get sick of the weed from that dispensary, I can pull out a map of Denver, arena my finger on a random arena, as well as then visit the closest cannabis store to that exact location. If you consider how many dispensaries are within a single square mile if Denver has over 400, then that must mean that there is a cannabis dispensary on nearly every street corner. It’s a lot better than residing in the deep south where cannabis is either tightly regulated or still illegal altogether.


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