Legalization of our weed

I was excited when cannabis was legalized for recreational use in Canada a few years ago.

  • Although we could obtain legal weed with a physician’s recommendation from 2001, the Cannabis Act was a larger step forward for Canadians and visitors of Canada who use marijuana.

It’s not a sizable surprise since public opinion polls showed that roughly 75% of Canadians favored an end to cannabis prohibition as far back as 97. And as such, the Canadian government legalized medical cannabis a few years later in 2001. There were many medical designations under which a licensed physician in Canada could prescribe medical cannabis to an interested customer. It’s no shock that by the end of that decade, there was a push among marijuana advocates to legalize cannabis for recreational use in the entire country. Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in a number of states while in the mid 2010s, the Canadian government followed suit in 2018. Now I and all of my fellow Canadian citizens can purchase cannabis in this country separate from getting persecuted morally or criminally. I live in Mississauga, but I work in Toronto and respectfully shop at cannabis dispensaries in the high end city. I’m enthusiastic about this current cannabis dispensary that just opened in North York on Sheppard Ave. They have many sativa and indica strains of cannabis flower products, but I was more interested in cannabis edibles like RSO and cannabis candy products. RSO is a full spectrum product so I bought a syringe along with a jar of cannabis flower buds. I assume I’ll be going to see this cannabis dispensary in North York the next time I’m driving through the area.

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